• IGP Punjab

    Mushtaq Sukhera
    IGP Punjab

  • CCPO Lahore

    Capt(R) Amin Vains
    CCPO Lahore

  • CTO Lahore

    Tayyab Hafeez Cheema
    CTO Lahore

Follow The Traffic Rules It Saves You. Don't Use the Mobile Phone While driving . SIGNAL: Green Light means cross the Signal, Yellow Light means Ready to Move not move, Red Light means Stop your Vehicle, Your Safety Is our First Priority. For More Guidance & Help Call 042-1915 Stay Connected on FM 88.6 Rasta FM & Join Us https://www.facebook.com/citytraffic.policelhr
Welcome to City Traffic Police Lahore
City Traffic Police is a Public Friendly & Service Oriented,new initiated envisioned by the Government of the Punjab and executed by the Punjab Police.Un-precedented growth in two wheelers and four wheelers in the city and growing in capacity of the old Traffic Management System, resulted in conceiving and launching the Traffic Warden System in Lahore.The very designation “Traffic Warden” is carefully selected to replace the word “Warden” for the “Police” clearly depicts the intention & objective of the Government and the Punjab Police. The Traffic Wardens are meant to “take care” of the road users, instead of “Police” them. The natural corollary of the main theme is “Courtesy”, “Help” and ensured adherence of general Principles and laid down rules of Traffic. The Traffic wardens are committed to excellence in Traffic Management, highest standards of integrity and courtesy.
The Firsts in the History of World Traffic
First Traffic Signal
The World's first traffic lights were installed in Detroit, USA in 1919. The first traffic lights in Britain were installed in Wolverhampton during 1928. However, they did not come to London till 1932.
First Zabra Crossing
The pedestrian crossing were instituted in Britain in 1934. The roads were marked by dotted lines. On the pavement there were striped Belisha beacon light poles named after Britain's Minister of Transport L. Hore-Belisha.
First Traffic accident
In 1771 the first accident involving a motor vehicle took place in Paris when Cugnot's steam tractor hit a low wall in the grounds of the Paris arsenal. The first motor-car accident in Britain resulting in the death of the driver occurred in Grove Hill, Harrow-on-the Hill, London,
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